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Thomson Damansara

We take pride in delivering quality healthcare construction. Over the years, we have evolved along with technological development to accelerate and improve the delivery of our projects. Thomson Hospitals Sdn Bhd awarded us with the contract to expand the capacity of its hospital in 2017.

Contract Sum:



29 December 2017


28 July 2021

Project Snapshot:

  • Consists of:
  1. 635 beds.
  2. A new block of 12-storey hospital facilities
  3. A new 7-storey block with 1,150 car parking lots
  4. 10 Operating theatres
  5. 10 Centres of Excellence
  6. 100 specialist clinics
  7. Advanced imaging centre
  • Uses Building Information Model (BIM) Level of Detail (LOD) 300
  • 3D geometry of building model to achieve different levels of refinement

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